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VARNA  is the 3rd  largest city in the country, a center of North East Planning Region. Located on the Black Sea Coast, Varna is called the Black Sea Perl and the Summer capital of Bulgaria.  The territory of Varna is 237,5  sq.  km.  with  a  population  of  357 000  citizens . Transport infrastructure - there is an airport,  sea & yacht  ports, a  ferry,  a railway and bus stations in the city. Varna is  an outside border  for  the EU. The city is  on the 8th  Pan- European transport corridor.

Varna Economy: Form 4.5% of the national GDP, 2nd place in country as per FDI.
Services - trade and maintenance , hotels & restaurants, transport & communication, finance, education, health, real estates, etc. Industry-the leading role   have the construction, tourism, ship- building and ship-repair,  transport, production of electrical appliance.  There are  three clusters , registered in  Varna ITC, Tourism and  Marine Clusters. 10 % of Varna companies  allocate 20% of  their turnover  for innovation activities. The ITC & Services  devote more than 20% . Compared to 2006, in 2008  60% of investigated companies stated  development of  new products and services. Construction,  the marine industry and the ICT  sectors are  the most active in purchase of new production technologies, machines and equipment. 

Education & science
- there are 5 universities on Varna territory and 5 scientific institutes and branches of Bulgarian Academy of Science in Varna

Varna at night:

Views from Varna Sea Port

Buildings of Varna Municipality and the Observatory

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